Ramadan Essential Gadgets
April 14, 2022

The Holy month of Ramadan is here and with it comes great moments of joy, peacefulness and reunions. Modern tech can help you out this Ramadan to ease your life for you and your loved ones.

الايبربادز اللاسلكية: اختيارات كثيرة ؟
February 8, 2022

نستكشف مستقبل ادوات الاستماع الشخصية

Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro: Powered by Tensor
October 20, 2021

Cool colour options, hardware secuirty and 5 years of updates

How Technology Helps in Dealing with Mental Health
October 10, 2021

On World Mental Health Day, thanks to technology, we now have the ability to connect our external and internal worlds

New Leaks Reveal iPhone 13's New Features
August 26, 2021

iPhone 13: Stylish Color Options and New design rumored to come soon!

Your Next Interview Might be With a Robot
July 13, 2021

Job-seekers may soon have to accept the fact that interviews are becoming more impersonal where they don’t talk to another human being.

Android 12 and its brand new features
June 29, 2021

Plenty of new features come with this authentic new update, along with the new animations, widgets and a modified lock screen.

How To Make Your Refrigerator Last longer
June 27, 2021

5 favorite hacks to help your refrigerator keeps it cool and run better

How to Clean Your Electric Kettle
June 17, 2021

Here are the simple ways on how to keep your kettle in a good shape and avoid any bacteria.

iOS 15 Brings New Features to Stay Connected, Focused & more
June 9, 2021

Apple officially revealed the new features of iOS 15 on Monday

How To Rid Your Android Phone of Bloatware
May 17, 2021

One of the things you will want to protect and always keep an eye on is your phone’s storage.

Cool Electronic Gifts to Delight Your Tech-Loving Kid
May 11, 2021

As a parent, it is important to know your choices of gifts that your children will love and at the same time benefit from.

Artificial Intelligence is Transforming the World
May 6, 2021

It is not a futuristic vision, but rather something that shapes our present moments, signifying human capabilities in the simplest way.

How to Cover Food in the Microwave
April 25, 2021

Three methods that can help in finding suitable ways to cover the food: