iOS 15 Brings New Features to Stay Connected, Focused & more

Apple officially revealed the new features of iOS 15 on Monday

Apple officially revealed the new features of iOS 15 in the Keynote presentation on Monday in Apple Worldwide Developers Conference.

There isn't a precise release date given for iOS 15, but major iOS versions are always released in September. Hence, iOS 15 is expected to be released along with the iPhone 13 in September. Due to release this fall with a beta test starting right away, it’s full of new features and these are some of the biggest features of iOS 15.

Big FaceTime Upgrades

Big FaceTime Upgrades

The biggest update for FaceTime is FaceTime Links. The user can set up an upcoming FaceTime call and send the link to anyone in any app so they can join it. For the first time, the link could be sent to users on Windows or Android and they will be able to join the call on the web!

FaceTime has new updates like a new grid view that shows everyone at the same size while highlighting the person talking. New audio updates include spatial audio, new microphone modes like Isolation Mode, which eliminates background sounds and focuses on the speaker’s voice, and much more.

Sharing goes big with SharePlay

Users across all Apple devices now can listen to music, watch video or share their screens while controlling the media together on a FaceTime call. This works with Apple Music and the TV app, but with Apple’s API other apps will update to support it as well. 

A new “Shared With You” section in Apple’s apps will collect and highlight things that people sent to each other to make it quicker to find without scrolling back through all messages.

Notifications Get Smart

New updates on the notifications will make it easier for users to prioritize their important notifications. A Notification Summary brings together all the notifications the user has been ignoring all day. 

Most functional is a new Focus mode. Users can pick which apps and people they want to receive notifications from. For example, if the user is working he/she can set a work focus mode where only the apps and people related to work can send notifications.

Live text (and more) everywhere

“Live Text” uses machine learning to find text in an image and treat it like regular text. Point the Camera app at some text, an indicator in the lower right will show, tap on it to isolate and select it. The user will be able to paste the text in a message, email or in any form. Not only will the user be able to do this with the Camera, he/she can select text directly in existing photos.

Siri Goes Offline

Finally, users don’t need an internet connection to use Siri. Setting timers or alarms, reading recent Messages, turning on Dark Mode, and lots more can be done without a connection.

Safari is all new

Apple’s browser is redesigned. The tab bar is at the bottom of the screen now, you can swipe left and right to move between tabs, and pull down on the top of the page to refresh. There's a new tab grid overview, the ability to search by voice, and you can collect tabs into Tab Groups.

The new software upgrade will definitely change the way a billion users use their iPhones. The upgrade has more features than the ones mentioned above like new Messages updates, Wallet updates, Memoji modifications, Maps upgrade, Health app improvements, Weather updates and new Widgets.

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