How To Make Your Refrigerator Last longer

5 favorite hacks to help your refrigerator keeps it cool and run better

It’s such a heartbreaking moment for every homeowner if they opened their refrigerators to find that their favorite ice-cream was not as cool as they thought it would be, or that today’s lunch has turned bad, or even worse.. spoiled milk or dripping water. To avoid such surprises, here are our favorite 5 hacks to prevent something like that from happening.

1- Keep it clean

1- Keep it clean

The compressor coils should be cleaned every few months. Check the owner’s manual for the coil's location then use a soft-bristle brush attachment to vacuum them. Also, use mild detergent and water to clean door gaskets, but avoid using any substances containing bleach. Last but not least, to ensure having a stain-free finish, use dish detergent, water and a sponge or a manufacturer recommended stainless cleaner.

2- Keep the top empty

Avoid using the top of your refrigerator to store items as by doing this, you’re forcing the refrigerator’s motor to work extra to sustain the temperature needed inside since normally the top of the refrigerator is always warm.

3- Check the placement

Avoid placing the refrigerator near the oven, exposed to direct sunlight, or close to any heat vents as the heat forces the motor and compressor to do extra work. If the previous options are undoable, you can use an insulated board between the oven and the fridge and make sure it is placed in a cool area.

4- Fill it properly - but not too full

Maintain a balance between your fridge being overfilled or very empty, since both cases the air circulation inside the fridge is affected. If it is

overfilled, the cool air can’t circulate efficiently while if it's almost empty, the motor has to work extra hard to keep the empty space cool. There are some tips to help you maintain this balance:

1- Don't place items in front of internal fans to give the air enough space to circulate

2- Maintain a 1 or 2 inch interval between items in the fridge to allow the air to circulate around the items.

5- Perform an annual inspection

Finally, by performing an annual inspection it’s guaranteed to detect and repair any problem before it’s too late. The annual inspection includes:

1- Pay attention to abnormal sounds, like rattling, squealing, or grinding as they might be signs for motor, compressor or fan deficiency.

2- Put a thermometer inside the fridge and freezer. Inspect it for a couple of days to assure that the temperatures are consistent with the settings provided. If it's not, you should call for repair.

3- Insert a thin sheet of paper in the door near the top edge. An indicator that there are no problems in the sealing is if the paper doesn't slide downwards. If it does, you might need repairing for the gasket or the door hinges.

Maintaining inspections and making sure you follow the above advice are the best ways to help sustain a long life for your refrigerator.

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