Tornado Electric Water Heater 80L, Enamel, LED lamp,TEEE-80MW- White

Model Number: TEEE-80MW     TSKU: 6184827
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Product Model: TEEE-80MW
Main-Сategory: Water Heaters
Product Situation In Market: Continuous Production
Type: Electric Analog Water Heater
Capacity: 80 Liter
Colors: White
Digital Display Screen: No
Electric Power: 2000 Watt
Dimensions: ( Lx W x H) : 45 x 45 x 87 cm
Net Weight: 23.9 Kg
TORNADO electric water heater With temperature indicator,LED indicator lamp for water heating Enamel coated inner tank and Anti-rust. 5 Safety factors for the heater : - Overheating sensor - Dry heating sensor- Non- return safety valve- With magnesium anodes- Drain Outlet. Good heating position to guarantee best performance,Heating element from copper,Special treated material for the body not affected by water vapor and humidity,Round and cylindrical shape,Optimum sizes,Faster heating,Higher safety,Casted brass joint inlet and outlet,High-density insulation foam, Auto restart function, Save electricity