Bosch Freestanding Top Mount Refrigerator, 485 Liters, Model KDN55NL2E8

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Brand name Bosch
Model information KDN55NL2E8
Product dimensions: 74 x 70 x 186 cm
Efficiency: A+
Capacity 453 litres
Energy consumption 112 kilowatts
Fresh food box in the refrigerator, 338 litres
Freezer capacity: 147 litres
Installation type: freestanding
Form Factor: Top Freezer
Colour: silver
Voltage: 220
Defrost: Automatic
Door hinges: reverse
Shelf type: glass
Shelves: 7
Calorie weight: 80 kg
Keep your groceries perfectly displayed thanks to LED lighting. The LED light helps you keep an eye on everything in your refrigerator. Long-lasting, energy-efficient LED lights automatically flood the interior surface with brilliant white light. Fully integrated LED light sources provide bright, uniform, glare-free illumination of the interior surface. You'll never forget anything again. Self-Regulating Refrigerator Uneven cooling in your freezer can significantly affect the flavor and taste of your food. The fan-assisted multi-airflow system creates gentle, even streams of cool air at all levels of the cooling and freezing zone. Temperature fluctuations are reduced and cooling times are reduced – helping foods stay safe for longer. Enjoy freshness from top to bottom. Now everything fits easily A small difference in centimeters, equals a big difference in size with just more centimeters in width compared to the standard model, you can easily fit entire baking trays, large melons and other large items into freestanding refrigerator freezer combinations. The larger interior design provides an optimal overview and maximum flexibility...