Tekken 8 – PlayStation 5

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Brand: Bandai
Platform: PlayStation 5
Region: PAL Region
Game Name: TEKKEN 8
32 fighters with next-gen visuals will collide in Tekken 8! Both new and returning characters are stunningly portrayed in high-detailed character models built from the ground up - featuring every drop of sweat and ripped muscles for an immersive experience. The roster includes iconic fighters like Paul Phoenix, King, Marshall Law, and Nina Williams, and sees the return of Jun Kazama to the story for the first time in 25 years since her disappearance in Tekken 2. Players will be able to challenge their opponents on 16 battle stages with intense destruction and interactive stage elements. TEKKEN 8 continues the tragic saga of the Mishima and Kazama bloodlines and their world-shaking father-and-son grudge matches. In this latest chapter, Jin Kazama will seek to defy his fate as he faces his father Kazuya Mishima causing war and destruction across the globe. Along with the main storyline experience that flows from Hollywood-grade cutscenes to over-the-top battles, separate character episodes provide more insight into the individual stories of each character. TEKKEN 8 will feature exciting new gameplay focused on “Aggressive” tactics. The latest entry in the series introduces an all-new game mechanic called the ”Heat System,” giving players the ability to harness aggressiveness as a tactic and incorporate offensive attacks into their playstyle, with special movements and character abilities based on each character’s unique features. In the new single-player mode ‘Arcade Quest’, players can create their own avatar and conquer their rivals in a variety of different arcades. This mode serves as an introduction to the gameplay of TEKKEN 8, allowing players to acquire basic knowledge, learn practical techniques, and enjoy a unique storyline and battles different from regular matches. As the protagonist grows and faces increasingly stronger opponents, so do you! With a wide variety of customizations to playable characters, avatars, HUD elements, and music – players can tailor their experience to their own personal preferences. There is more freedom in customization options than ever before for playable characters. To Apply Controller Skin
Begin with a clean workspace and wipe controller surface to ensure a dust-free application. Peel off the decal and carefully align it with the controller, smoothing it down gradually to prevent air bubbles. Tweezers can be used for precision, and a hairdryer on low setting may aid in better adhesion. Conduct a final check for any bubbles or misalignments, making adjustments as needed. Allow the decal to set fully, refraining from using the controller momentarily to ensure optimal adherance.