Ariston 90x60 cm Freestanding Cooker, Full Gas Cooking Range-5 Burners with 1 Triple Crown Sabaf, One Hand Automatic Ignition, Full Safety, Skewer Turnspit, Matt Finish Grids, Maxi-Oven AM9GM1KMX/MEA - Silver

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Brand: Ariston
Model number: AM9GM1KMX/MEA
Capacity: 97 litres
Installation type: freestanding
Color:silver silver
Drawer type: Grill
Type: Sealed heater
Unit control: knob
Combustion: 5
Fuel type: gas
Finishing type: painted
Material: stainless steel
Weight (kg): 75 kg
Dimensions: 60 x 90 x 85 cm
Components included for the cooker
IGNITION WITH ONE HAND Your interaction with an Ariston cooker stove is always easy and immediate: to turn on the gas, you simply turn the knob with one hand. TRIPLE CROWN SABAF BURNER The ideal way to cook any dish in a completely uniform manner on this cooking range: the Triple Ring burner, a guarantee of performance unsurpassed by anything else on the market. This special 4 burner gas stove makes it possible to spread the heat of the flame to reach both the center and the outside of the saucepan with the same maximum power of 3.25 kW, thus obtaining totally homogeneous cooking. Even when it has done its cooking, the Triple Ring burner continues to surprise it only takes a moment to remove it and clean it, because its flame diffuser consists of a single smooth-surfaced block. FULL SAFETY The innovative Gas Control system in this gas range oven blocks the gas supply if the flame is accidentally extinguished, making cooking doubly safe. KNOBS The table top gas stove is redesigned even more ergonomically, practically, and handsomely... and non-slip. The seri-graphed information on the fine non scratch glass front panel is instantly legible. SKEWER TURNSPIT With the Rotisserie setting of your Range Cooker, you can cook up to two best rotisserie chickens at the same time. The hot air circulation helps you prepare restaurant quality grilled chicken for the whole family. Feel the superior cooking experience of preparing a rotisserie chicken with the perfect brown and crispy look

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